Installation of artificial grass in Alicante

 We make personalized projects of artificial grass instal

In  we have efficiency, services and personal treatment in all the actions we do with all our clients because we think is the way to sit the bases to build a good business relationship.

That’s why we follow these steps when we contact with one of our clients:

  1. Advisement and guidance respect the use is going to bear to the artificial grass (area used for the installation, quantity of m2, if the zone is going to be very used…)
  2. Within 24-48 hours, the client already has his personal budget with all the materials offered to decide which could be useful for him.

* We always recommend not buying anything without the sample because the pictures, videos, and slips, etc. is quite difficult to know how they really are.

3. Crafting the personalized project. Around 24-48 hours the client will have it if he send us the measures of the space where is going to be installed the artificial grass, we recreate virtually the space to know how many square meters of surface really have. We have to keep in mind that the rolls come with 2m wide, so it should be fit to waste the less possible.

instalación césped artificial

  1. If it is a difficult project, a technician will go to the place where the artificial grass is going to be installed. He will take the measures and observe the complexity of the installation.
  2. Once accepted the budget, the installation is made in a period of time no longer than 15 days. Every application made by have the supervision of the quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, so we are one of the few enterprises that works with this certificates.
  3. Lastly, as final certificated of the building, a technical will certificate the end of the work with the appropriate satisfaction of the client.


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